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Pest Control

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How it works:

This product is the use of modern microelectronic technology, can produce extremely low frequency alternating intermittent electromagnetic waves, ultrasonic and infrared, the role of rodents and other pests in the auditory system and the nervous system. To produce discomfort and unhappiness, and fled the scene. Even rats and other pests are not able to escape, will listlessness, loss of appetite, loss of reproductive capacity, and against the ability.

The range of effect:

1, 40-60 square meters in the machine room can effectively play a role.

2, the machine can drive away the pests are: rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, flies, crickets, ants, bugs, termites, etc.

3, issued by the ultrasound section of the machine and the human family pets will not be any harm, and does not interfere with household appliances.

4, the safety and environmental protection, odorless and tasteless, low power consumption, the total power less than 2W, and equipped with advanced photonics technology.

1, multi-function: which can produce extremely low frequency induction fields, ultrasound and infrared, and similar products in the world's only ultrasound, coupled with electromagnetic waves up. Therefore, this product is the world's most comprehensive an electronic insect control.

2, frequency: This product produced by the three waves of frequencies in intermittent constantly changing, so as not to rodents and other pests on a fixed frequency generation "adaptive" and "exempt force" to use better than other similar products more pronounced.

Therefore, the products both at home and abroad, are in a leading position.
Instructions for use:

Plug the unit to an electrical outlet, you will be able to see this unit's blue lights, this time the machine starts to work. The machine work will be issued a series of descending order of the audio, which is the machine during the automatic frequency scanning. In the short period of time, you will find rats significantly reduced activity, but perhaps you will find one in this period increased activity in mosquitoes and other some, because the mosquitoes and other ultrasonic force driven out from the shelter, After a period they will disappear in three to five weeks, rats and pests all clear. If the unit is plugged into the power outlet on the long-term, you can always control the situation, the past year, expensive, and no longer need to buy dangerous chemicals.

Main technical parameters:

Product Name: Repeller
Brand: OEM

Model: LI-3110
Power: 2.5W

Voltage :110-220V power supply
Power frequency: 50HZ

Applicable area :800-120 m2
Can Charge: No

Weight: 0.071KG/PCS
Material: ABS

Color: black, white
Origin: Shenzhen
Package Size:

95 * 60 * 58mm
Single weight

40 * 40 * 41.5cm
100pcs / box

Net weight
7.1kg / box
Purpose and scope:

1, the products are mainly used to repel rats, while cockroaches, ants, spiders, crickets, bedbugs, fleas, moth, also has a certain extent.

2, this product can be widely applied: the family, warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, rooms, hotels, grain storage, etc..

3, the product range of 100 square meters. You can install a normal family. Such as the installation of two, of course, results will be better.


The product directly into the 220V power outlet, the red light is blinking, the product to work.

Superior pharmaceutical insecticide:

This product is committed to environmental protection, an investment, ten years to benefit.

Technical Specifications / harmless:

1, supply voltage: AC110-220V/50HZ

2, Power consumption: less than 15W, continuous use.

3, Frequency range: extremely low frequency induction field: 0.8HZ--8HZ interval: 160 seconds. Ultrasonic :20 - 55KHZ / 55 - 110KHZ Intermittent: 80 seconds. IR :1.4 - 15UM. Intermittent: 80 seconds.

The product produced by only a few hertz frequency electromagnetic waves. Ultrasonic and infrared frequency beyond human hearing range, and all the wave power is extremely small, so absolutely harmless to humans, if harmful, it will not be ultra-low frequency therapeutic apparatus, ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus and infrared therapy device and other medical equipment has. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Labor Protection specialized testing authority Conclusion: This product can be generated by physical fields harmless.

Major issues:

1, the machine should be installed at 20-80 cm from the ground, requiring perpendicular to the ground into a power outlet;

2, the installation point should try to avoid carpets, curtains and other sound-absorbing materials to prevent pressure to reduce the impact of the sound field becomes smaller and the effect;

3, using the first few days, if found rats, pests and other activities increased significantly, is a normal phenomenon. Because usually hiding in the nests of rats and pests attack by ultrasound, after fleeing their original hiding place;

What is "electronic Repeller"?

A: Looking at the world, the way rodent three categories: First, the "mechanical", that is to use clamps, cage cover, which is a primitive ancient methods, this approach must deal with dead mice, spread easily Virus; second is the "chemical", which uses high voltage to kill rats, but this method is easy to make an electric shock machine. We developed an electronic drive-mouse-drive application of cockroach are of the "electronic" instead of high-voltage, but to use high-tech microcomputer technology, the use of pulsed electromagnetic frequency ﹑ ﹑ biomimetic composite frequency ultrasound waves comprehensive way, work together to drive away mice and other pests, this method is safe and reliable, the effect is obvious.

Repeller has no effect?

A: rats, bats, these animals are based on ultrasound to communicate, rodent auditory system is highly developed, very sensitive to ultrasound, the sound in the dark to determine the source of pups may be issued when the threat of 30-50kHz ultrasound, in the eyes when you can not rely on ultrasound and echo sent back to the nest. adult mice in times of crisis may issue an ultrasonic call for help, may also be issued in the ultrasonic mating that happy, it can be said ultrasound is the language of rat . Rodent auditory system is 200Hz-90000Hz. Repeller is the use of a powerful high-power ultrasonic pulses by the completely built-in oscillator, under the control of the microcomputer, pulse frequency modulation to generate multiple scan frequency ultrasonic waves and complex They also work, frequency electromagnetic pulse through the wall in your home or building's electrical wiring launched, through the wall, along the interior of the power line communication, so that all buildings in the wall or the wires are connected to pulse electromagnetic , and the composite frequency ultrasound with rodents and other pests directly stimulate the nervous system, mice and other pests that are of extreme panic, physiological dysfunction, reduced reproductive capacity, it can not stand, showing loss of appetite, and even convulsions and other symptoms, which was not able to survive and fled the scene

Ultrasound on the human body harmful? For livestock, pets affect it?

3 A: The human ear's hearing range is about 16-20000Hz, flooding control the output of the ultrasonic frequency is generally in the above 20000Hz, 20000Hz above for the frequency band is the human auditory system can not generate the response, so fundamental to our ears heard it, and ultrasonic Repeller power have failed to achieve the ability to penetrate the human body, so no effect on the human body. Cats, dogs and other pets, as long as mice, or not to drive the output frequency setting of insecticide in the cat, the dog's hearing sensitive areas will not have any impact on

Answer: should be Repeller Ultrasonic transmitter for indoor mouth more open area, mounted off the ground one meter to 1.5 meters, 2 meters in front of the former and avoid obstruction or directly by the door or window to avoid ultrasonic injection window affect the results.

Use Repeller, Pest Control should pay special attention to what the problem?

This unit is not waterproof function should be placed in damp places to avoid, and do not put carpet in a place or close to soft material.

Rats cockroaches and other pest control, should be kept clean home environment, and cut off the pest food sources, coupled with the use of this machine, you will get satisfactory results. Do not use an off time. To take the food lure rodents to detect Repeller effect. Otherwise come to naught

When used in restaurants, supermarkets, shops and other places with plenty of insect food sources should be increased depending on the severity of pest Repeller the amount of use, make use of high-power Repeller. To enhance the effect. Instructions referred to in the range (square meters) is the open space, no obstacles under the use of the coverage determination. Please contact customer specific use of the machine will find the mice in the initial period of cockroaches have become frequent events, it is normal you do not panic, because the initial period of mice that usually hide in the dark, can not stand because of the high power ultrasonic pest attack and have avoid, if at this time with the sticky mouse board. continuous capture cage. cockroaches drugs. cockroaches house using better results.


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